OXTOX Program

OXTOX Program


Carve out 7 days to give health, wellness, weight, and immunity the boost you deserve.

The OXTOX 7-Day Cleanse followed by 14-Days of Clean Eating is a 21-Day program that is effective and easy to follow. Support natural detoxification processes while also having adequate energy and motivation for your normal, daily life. We stay with you the entire way, offering support via OXTOX LIVE weekly Zooms, PDF guide e-booklet, and even offer one-on-one counseling as an option (please inquire on Contact Page).

Program comes with success setup:

  • Shakes and supporting nutrition such as: Essential Protein+, Detox Daily and Immunity D 5000
  • PDF booklet for easy to follow guidelines on Phase I and Phase II of the program, as well as tricks and tips for snacks and program success.
  • FREE access to our weekly OXTOX LIVE Zoom meetings every Tuesday at 5pm with Nurse Georgie, participate, interact and receive education in your new health journey.

Why Cleanse? Think of your bodily systems as intricate water and road ways. Over time, pollution from unavoidable outside exposure to chemicals, toxins, pesticides and more can accumulate and affect the productiveness and accuracy of how this sensitive network operates. A cleanse is like having a great volunteer crew come by to pick up unwanted litter and usher it out of your system! Think of these programs as wringing out, a “Spring Cleaning”, a fresh start!

What is Detox? Detoxification is the foundational process of clearing waste from the body. We function with three main detox pathways known as Phase I, II and III. Each with its own specific set of actions known respectively as functionalization, conjugation and antiporter activity. It is these particular processes that toxins are taken from their normal fat-soluble state and broken down into an excretable water-soluble state. When we support these processes nutritionally we can upregulate and optimally activate pathways which overtime can become suppressed by daily exposure to chemicals in our air, water, household products, cosmetic products and food sources.

What Is Special About The Oxtox Program?

The OXTOX plan isn’t a one size fits all model. There are no pre-packaged or processed foods, there’s no one right way. OXTOX allows YOU to explore, discover and design what your new healthy diet and individual lifestyle will look like. The program first helps to reset the body with a detailed and guided 7-Day Cleanse. The program then teaches clients to utilize a real whole food diet which is research based and clinically effective in reducing inflammation, eliminating toxins from the body and promoting health from within.

Recommendations and Disclaimer: If pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before use. Keep out of reach of children. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.